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Lessons from our Islamic heritage – from calligraphy to the Moriscos

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In a series of presentations and conversations led by Dr Amina Nawaz, we explore ways of connecting to our history and heritage. In so doing, we learn to recognize the pervasive and deep human capacities for resilience, creativity, and creating beauty, even in times of great duress and trial.

The sessions include looking at the Moriscos, or the last Muslims in Spain following the Christian conquest of Granada in 1492, the Islamic heritage of craft, poetic songwriting in the Muslim tradition and Islamic gardens.

These sessions were broadcast on YouTube weekly in Ramadan 2020.


Watch Dr Amina Nawaz provide an overview of the programme.

Your Instructor

Amina Nawaz
Amina Nawaz

Dr Amina Nawaz is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Center for Islamic Theology at the University of Tübingen. Her research focuses on the ways in which Muslims living in pluralistic contexts have historically engaged with law and theology in their written works. She completed her PhD in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge in 2016 with a doctoral dissertation which examined the sixteenth-century devotional writings of Morisco communities in Spain. Her monograph project examines the legal and theological aspects of Morisco devotional works as case studies by which to reconsider current perceptions of Muslims in ‘non-majority’ contexts.

“A simple yet wonderful initiative to keep our minds engaged during the blessed Month, thank you CMC for all the great work you've done and are doing. May الله give you the Taufeeq to continue long in to the future.”


“This is a golden opportunity for us to enlighten our heart and soul with Islamic knowledge. Dear friends, please utilize this venture to the maximum.”

Ameen Muhammad

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