Holding Fast

Principles for understanding Prophetic guidance on fasting

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When and how can weak hadith be relied upon?

How do scholars harmonize various ahadith alongside verses from the Quran and other legal proofs?

What if two ahadith, when taken literally, seem to contradict?

In Holding Fast with Dr Mariam Sheibani, we seek to accomplish two things: firstly, to learn key tools that will provide answers and frameworks to address common questions like those above; and secondly, to examine together a selection of ahadith from the Prophet Muhammad and evaluate how they're interpreted and applied, which is often very interesting, and done in very unexpected ways.

These sessions were broadcast on YouTube weekly in Ramadan 2020.

Course Introduction

Watch Dr Mariam Sheibani provide an overview of the course and its topics.

Your Instructor

Mariam Sheibani
Mariam Sheibani

Dr Mariam Sheibani is Associate Academic Director at Cambridge Muslim College. She received her PhD in Islamic Thought from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago and postdoctoral training at Harvard Law School. Dr Sheibani was previously Assistant Professor in History at The University of Toronto and Lecturer at Harvard Divinity School. Her research interests are in Islamic intellectual and cultural history, with a focus on the theory and practice of Islamic law, ethics, and Sufism. She has studied with Muslim scholars and conducted research in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, North America, the UK, and West Africa. Learn more about her work at www.mariamsheibani.com

“A simple yet wonderful initiative to keep our minds engaged during the blessed Month, thank you CMC for all the great work you've done and are doing. May الله give you the Taufeeq to continue long in to the future.”


“This is a golden opportunity for us to enlighten our heart and soul with Islamic knowledge. Dear friends, please utilize this venture to the maximum.”

Ameen Muhammad

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No. Just come with your undivided attention, a notebook and a pen.
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No, these are available as a separate free Lecture Series on this Online Learning Platform, and include Ramadan Moments delivered in previous years!
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Yes! Help us improve by sending any feedback and suggestions you have to [email protected]. Thank you.

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