Prophetic Paradigms

Short journeys through twenty Prophetic counsels from al-Nawawi’s Riyadh al-Salihin

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How do we learn to be better people, do good deeds and cultivate genuine piety?

In Prophetic Paradigms, Shaykh Yasser Qureshyreminds us of some of the most beautiful and powerful concepts that form the paradigm of our faith. He reads from Imam al-Nawawi's Riyadh al-Salihin: the Meadows of the Righteous, a treasure of prophetic teachings that allows us to witness actions of true piety and enter the world of the righteous.

These sessions were broadcast on YouTube every weekday in Ramadan 2020.

Course Introduction

Watch Shaykh Yasser Qureshy provide an overview of the course and its topics.

Your Instructor

Yasser Qureshy
Yasser Qureshy

Dr Yasser Qureshy is a Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge Muslim College. His research interests rest in two main areas: the tradition referred to as the ma’qūlāt (Islamic rational sciences), focusing on the related disciplines of ‘ilm al-kalām (philosophical theology), uṣūl al-fiqh (legal theory), manṭiq (Logic), and falsafa (Islamic/Arabic philosophy); and the western philosophical tradition, focusing mainly on areas in Metaphysics, Logic, and the history of Medieval and Modern Philosophy.

After undergraduate studies in Philosophy, Shaykh Yasser read a MA in Medieval Arabic Thought and completed a PhD in Philosophical Theology at the University of Cambridge. He has spent over a decade studying the Islamic intellectual tradition in Damascus and Istanbul. Previously he held the inaugural fellowship in Islamic Theology at ISAR Foundation and was Faculty Lecturer in Islamic Theology at the University of Istanbul. He continues to supervise undergraduate students for the Faculties of Philosophy and Divinity at the University of Cambridge.

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